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The eco boutique hotel A.M.S. Beagle is located in a quiet environment. Built in 2014, the project was based on a model of sustainable living and operation, and is now recognised as a Slovenia Green member, in addition to having been certified with the EU ecolabel environmental sign, receiving the tenth EU ecolabel certificate issued within Slovenia. It is well-respected, and is recognised as one of the best examples of sustainable tourism, and the house itself one of the most energy-efficient facilities, in Slovenia.

Less is more

The eco boutique hotel A.M.S. Beagle actively takes measures to reduce its energy and water consumption, using renewable energy sources, lowering waste, and improving the surrounding environment. Our external walls are very well-insulated, and our windows are top-quality. This enables us to minimise heat loss through the walls and windows. To further reduce the impact of other external factors, each room has only one window that can be opened, the other windows being fixed. As a passive house environment, a constant temperature of 22°C and fresh air through the ventilation system, are maintained. Large glass windows allow the interior to warm up naturally on sunny winter days, and in order to prevent the house from overheating in the summer, we use external blinds. No traditional air-conditioning system is used for cooling the property.


There is an additional heat source for the house in the form of a heat pump, which takes advantage of the constant temperature under the soil, and warms up the house with the help of underfloor heating. This creates a cosy and warm feeling. The sanitary water is warmed-up using renewable energy sources as well, courtesy of the solar panels on the roof of the hotel.


Our toilets are equipped with an innovative system that uses rainwater to flush the toilets. Rainwater is also collected and used to water the garden.

Smoking is permitted only on the terrace outside the hotel. Smoking in the rooms is strictly forbidden.

Did you know that a single person produces 336kg of waste per year? It only takes small changes in our daily habits to have a major positive impact on the earth’s environment, so please help us achieve this by separating waste correctly.

Additionally, when not in use, we would ask you to please ensure lights and other electricity-consuming resources are switched off.

Eco products

Breakfast consists of mostly bio products, sourced locally. The food we offer is grown and harvested close to the hotel, in our region, meaning it only needs to be distributed over a short distance.

You are warmly invited to join us in our bio garden, where we do our best to grow fruit and vegetables on our own land, without any additional fertilising.

Drinks served in our bar are served in reusable glass bottles, and we only use exclusively-certified eco products, with an ecolabel.

Towels and bed linen

Can you imagine how much detergent is used in hotels around the world every day for washing towels and bed linen? Even though we use eco-friendly, biologically-degradable detergents, this does not mean they are entirely safe. Together we can contribute significantly towards reducing pollution. We change towels every three days, and bed linen every seven days, unless you need this doing more often.


New offer of eco boutique hotel A.M.S. Beagle, not only but also to our hotel guests: charging station for electric vehicles. We have one universal self-service charging station available.
We advise you to contact the hotel reception before charging or even book your charging time in advance (by e-mail