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Climbing the hills around Lake Bled

Trips around the region

If you climb one of the lone standing hills around Lake Bled you will be awarded with magnificent views of Bled. The best views are offered by the hills Straža, Osovnica, Dobre Gore, Kozarec and Kuhovica, which may all be reached bay well-marked footpaths. Enquire at hotel reception for information on access to the hills and do not forget to weatyour hiking clothes and shoes.


Straža: The ascent on Straža isn't difficult. The trail is pleasant and surrounded with pine, oak, lime and birch trees. Straža is a smaller hill, most suitable for pleasant walks and summer and winter activities. You can conquer it by taking the well-arranged hiking trail or by taking the chair lift. Straža is known as the finest Bled viewpoint rising above the south-eastern lake shore, offering views at Lake Bled, the Bled Castle, Jelovica plateau and Mt. Stol.


The Rikli Fitness Trail runs through meadows and wooded areas, whilst the top of Straža awaits you with the Adventure park Bled with 65 different climbing elements. You can refresh yourself in the log cabin on Straža where you will be offered delicious local delicacies. During the summer season you can try adrenaline sledding along the FIS route which is turned into the ski slope during the winter season. Although small, this ski slope is well-arranged, includes the ski school and is equipped for night skiing.


Sleds represent another adventure – in summer or winter season.


Ojstrica: A sharp-peaked hill with a delicate panorama. A 20 minute walk leads you to 611 m high hill of Ojstrica. The ascent along the forest path left to Camping Bled will take you to its peak which offers splendid views at the Camping, Lake Bled and its surroundings.


Osojnica: Osojnica is one of the favourite viewpoints for photographers so prepare for a stunning view. There is an approximately 45 minute long walk along the steep forest path leading to Mala Osojnica (685 m) and another 20 minute walk leading to the top of Velika Osojnica (756m). The ascent will reward you with the finest views of Lake Bled and its outlying areas, Karavanke mountains, Kamnik Alps and the Gorenjska plain. All the well-known panoramas of Bled have been shot from there for a reason.


Kuhovnica: Finding the trail to Kuhovnica is really worth your time as the hill will reward you with a breath-taking view at the top. The very top of Kuhovnica is quite hidden and therefore relatively hard to find. Start out from the Kolodvorska cesta, go through the railway underpass by the apartment blocks, continue along the Aljaževa cesta and finally turn left to Razgledna cesta. From there, a winding trail branching off to the right will take you to the top of Kuhovnica, offering a marvellous panorama of Lake Bled and its surroundings.

Distance to location:

4 km